I'm a student at Georgia Tech that loves to innovate, particularly in web/mobile and robotics. My projects have included a wide range of fields from EdTech to assistive personal robotics.

I'm always looking for interesting new opportunities. I'd love to chat - contact me at!


Realtime Collaboration Tool for Schools

Reader is a collaborative reading tool for students that allows students to discuss passages and ask questions inline in Reader's intelligent eBook reader.

Node, MongoDB and Meteor on Web, iOS/Android (Cordova)

Infinite Loop

Intelligent Mood-Matching Music Player

Infinite Loop plays a long stream of music matched to the user's moods. Music analysis algorithms extract key datapoints such as tempo and key from a user's private library. Users can stream music through searches like `airy electronic pop`

Node, Python, MongoDB, Celery+RabbitMQ on Web/iOS


Personalized, Adaptive Learning

Radioactive is a mobile app that allows students to learn rapidly with higher repitition by adaptively delivering content while strategically quizzing to guide their learning plan.

PHP, jQuery Mobile, Cordova on iOS/Android